Luxury Wedding in Positano

Wedding Photographer Positano – Elopement in Italy for this couple, who got married with a civil ceremony in the terrace of the Positano’s townhall, which boasts a gorgeous view on the Amalfi Coast sea. After the ceremony, the couple then had a stroll through the picturesque alleys of the town. To complete the beautiful day the couple celebrated with a toast in front of the splendid panorama of Positano, lighted up by the golden sunset light…

DSC_5227DSC_5216DSC_5190DSC_5285DSC_5294 copiaDSC_5302MGP_2354MGP_2362 2MGP_2367MGP_2379MGP_2410MGP_2416MGP_2437MGP_2438MGP_2348MGP_2344MGP_2327MGP_2293DSC_5370DSC_5413DSC_5434DSC_5445DSC_5451DSC_5453DSC_5458DSC_5470DSC_5492MGP_2560DSC_0098DSC_0128DSC_0135MGP_2589MGP_2614MGP_2746DSC_5510DSC_5516 copiaDSC_5580DSC_5590DSC_5572 copiaDSC_5567DSC_5361DSC_5690 copiaDSC_5693DSC_5745-ModificaDSC_5750DSC_5847 copiaDSC_5957DSC_5973_originaleDSC_5982DSC_5994_MGP2717_MGP2685MGP_2753MGP_2791MGP_3002MGP_2999 copiaMGP_2991MGP_2989MGP_2984MGP_2981MGP_2970MGP_2968 copiaMGP_2960MGP_2818MGP_2792


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